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Readings A Spiritual Guide

The universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirit guides, passed loved ones, angels and even animal spirit guides, and being able to connect with the outside world, using various methods during sessions for connection, such as cards, psychometry and photographic images (for passed loved ones), if required.    Connecting with a higher energy,  gives me the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current, to harness their ability to connect with their own intuition.   The focus is to also bring forth awareness and healing through love, truth and to teaching one, how to open up their own spiritual potential, and their potential in everyday life, and in my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy.  









The sessions are guidance only and it is always up to the individual as to how one utilizes the information given.  We are creatures of free will, and sessions will not be conducted for persons under the age of 18, without a parent present.  It is not always guaranteed that are passed loved one will connect during a reading.                                                                                   All sessions are 30mins in duration per person.

Third Eye
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